Save Our Planet | Stop Global Warming | Act Now!

Save Our Planet | Stop Global Warming | Act Now!

Everybody does want to live a happy life. Aren't that what our hearts always asking for? Every time we see natural disasters are happening at any parts of the world, we feel worry and sad. Fortunately, when we are safe from that point at this moment, it doesn't mean it will never happen at our place. There is only one planet and everything is related and connected, it just takes time to cycle. This is no joke but serious for everyone staying in this one planet to take action.
Save our planet before it is too late. Save the green nature and natural resources. Save our wildlife. Stop global warming. We can make it if we join all together for the sake of our future generations to all living beings.

The future is not somewhere we are going. It is something we are creating. Every day we do things that make some futures more probable and others less likely.

Global warming already disrupts millions of lives daily in the forms of destructive weather patterns and loss of habitat. What is already happening is only the tip of the melting iceberg, for it is our children and grandchildren who may suffer most from the effects of global warming.Hundreds of millions of people may be exposed to famine, water shortages, extreme weather conditions and a 20 - 30% loss of animal and plant species if we do not reduce the rate of global warming and reduce GHG emissions. On the other hand, having warmer winters means longer growing seasons in temperate and subarctic climes, sometimes allowing an additional crop to be planted and harvested each year, or simply making the existing crops more productive.This article outlines some ways that you can act to help prevent the Earth from warming further. While humankind has the ability to destroy the planet, we can also help protect and sustain it.More.

How to take action: Start with yourself and then to others,family,community,organizations and government. Firstly we should be educated and be aware of facts and understand well of environmental crisis. Then we can start to take action with every little things in our daily activities. With our practices and habits, we can encourage others to do so.

Basic actions to take in daily activities

  • Buying locally made and locally grown products
  • Buy minimally packaged goods
  • Use fabric bags
  • Use recycled paper
  • Recycle more by using recycling bins,composting,etc.
  • Separate the household waste, wet/dry waste separation
  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Choose vegetarian or vegan meals
  • Unplug unused electronics
  • Switch off the light that you do not use
  • Use a push mower to mow the lawn
  • Grow fast growing plants
  • Use public transportation
  • Ride a bicycle
  • Vote and influence your government with telephone calls, e-mails, letters and meetings with those who represent you in government. 
More in detail actions.

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